Our Team

At Lulu's Thyme and Essentials, we’re proud of our great products and exceptional customer service. Our mission is to provide great quality products at prices everyone can afford.  Our ingredients are the best quality because we are also customers! We are passionate about what they do and always ready to help out. Learn more about their stories below.

Lauren Ayer (Lulu)


Lulu is a mother of two, herbalist, certified in Culinary Arts and Nutrition.  She started her herbal store after losing a child and suffering from anxiety.  She was prescribed medication.  After feeling like a "zombie", she worked with her physician to transition to herbal remedies. Lulu became an herbalist and started buying her own herbs.  Lulu found not all herbs and "natural" products were the same and could be expensive. Buying in bulk Lulu set out to make herbs and herbal products available to all.  Lulu's mission is to provide high quality herbs and herbal products available to everyone.  She is passionate about herbs and herbal products.

Andrea Ayer (Angie)


Angie has experience in the food industry, business, and health care.  Angie loves all things natural and has a love for herbalism.  Her love of nature and healthy recipes help develop our products and educate our customers.

Mary Ayer (Baci)


Mary is a Registered Nurse, mother, and grandmother (Baci). Mary's mother used herbs and spices in everyday cooking and home remedies.  She taught her how to incorporate them into daily life. Mary loves to teach and write.