What Does It Mean To "Go All Natural"? Part One Deodorants

Updated: Mar 14

Well, I can't say I ever thought of myself as all natural. I pictured people living in communes; like in the 1960's. Earthy crunchy is a word I would hear. Who knew I was one of those all-natural people? It took me a few decades to realize it.

I am a Polish Immigrant. My parents were country people. I thought everyone dried their herbs and spices at the end of the summer on cheese cloth in the attic. My mother cooked everything from scratch. I can tell you if chicken has been frozen. Everything was as fresh as possible.

Going all natural can be expensive. I think it depends on how you look at it. Lulu (my daughter) started out as a chef with certification in Culinary Arts and Nutrition. She had a really rough time after losing her stillborn son Caleb and started using herbs to help with her anxiety. After having her daughter, she became a stay-at-home mom and became an herbalist.

You have to be careful buying herbs. She found a few companies in the United States and started buying her own herbs. Well, then Andrea and I found they were a great supplement to our diets. I definitely don't get enough calcium and vegetables. Then I started remembering my mom's "cure all’s". Honey for sore throats and to prevent colds. Chamomile cured all in her view. I was given chamomile for upset stomachs. She taught me to give it to my children to help with gas and colic. Well, Andrea and I started using herbs. Then, others were interested and Lulu's came to be because buying in bulk is cheaper. We are pretty picky! My parents would always tell me if you are going to buy something make sure it's a good quality.

I started looking at the ingredients on everything I bought. Some of the chemical compounds I have heard of. Some not so much. From air fresheners to soap, you have to be careful. Did you know, it's thought, when you sweat, the smell comes from bacteria breaking the sweat down. Proctor and Gamble has recalled a brand for containing benzene. What is benzene? Merriam-Webster says: ": a colorless volatile flammable toxic liquid aromatic hydrocarbon C6H6 used in organic synthesis, as a solvent, and as a motor fuel". There are some concerns benzenes are carcinogenic. Meaning cancer causing.

So, why is it so important? Let me walk you through my brain’s way of processing this. I go back to my younger days. My mother made everything from scratch. Meaning minimal ingredients. She always bought good quality. When I was young products seemed simpler and without so many extras.

Let's talk about what all natural means. Here's some examples.

Deodorant/antiperspirants: I won't name the brand but the active ingredient is listed as aluminum zirconium tetrachoclorohydrate GLY. I'm wondering what is not listed? What it does is stop you from sweating.

What do I think? Once in a while it's not a bad thing. As a nurse, I know every function in our body has a purpose. The main purpose is to regulate your body temperature. There's some debate about how much heavy metals and BPA are lost but you skin does remove toxins. Just not like your liver and kidneys.

Lulu's deodorant: Lulu has a few different ones but they all work basically the same. Lemon and Tea Tree example. Ingredients: Beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, lemon essential oil, and tea tree essential oil.

All of Lulu's organic products are certified organic. So, let's go through them. I think they are all natural and have a purpose. Beeswax helps form the ingredients as a solid so you can apply it to your skin easily (good for your skin). Coconut oil helps spread the deodorant on your skin. It is also great for skin. Shea butter moisturizes and arrowroot helps keep your skin dry. I also use it instead of cornstarch to thicken sauces. Yup, you can eat it and put it on your skin. I like to get a "bang for my buck". So, the essential oils. This version of Lulu's deodorant has tea tree and lemon. Tea tree is commonly used for irritation and itching on your skin. Healthline also writes it's helpful with eczema. You can't apply it directly you need something called a carrier oil (coconut in this case). Now, the reason I like tea tree is the antimicrobial, anti-bacteria, anti-viral, and antifungal properties. I won't get into terpene but it's important. Just remember anti-inflammatory. Lemon essential oil. Do I need to say much? It has antibacterial qualities, helps with inflammation, as an antioxidant improve your skin, and it smells really good. Herbalist call it uplifting. That's it. Everything has a purpose.



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