What is an Alterative?

Updated: Mar 14

What is an Alterative? They are thought to gradually restore your body health by elimination.   These herbs are used to balance and restore by way of metabolism and detoxification. You also may have heard the term “blood purify”.  Herbs work by systems or often organs.  Sometimes an herb may be used for multiple categories. What does detoxify mean?  Merriam- Webster defines it as “removing a harmful substance (such as a poison or toxin) or the effect of such” . The five organs which detoxify are:

  1.  Bowels/Colon-The bacteria in your colon naturally detoxifies. Some think processed food increases the amount of undigested food, causing  a buildup of mucous in your colon.  The though is this produces toxins which can enter your circulation.  Some symptoms thought to be associated with toxin buildup are fatigue, headache, gaining weight, and lethargy.  Some benefits of using an alterative for your bowels are may be improved mentation, improved immune system, weight loss, and reduced risk of colon cancer.  Herbs used for colon detoxification include Aloe Vera, marshmallow root, and ginger.

  2. Kidneys-Some of your kidney’s function are to remove waste, toxins, and excess water from your body.  What can interfere with how your kidneys work?  Fluid loss, blood pressure medications, heart disease, infection, or liver problems. Herbs used for colon detoxification include Kava root, Dandelion leaf, Dandelion root, Burdock root, and Nettle leaf.

  3. Liver-Some of your liver functions are to filter your blood coming in from your digestive tract. It will then circulate it to other parts of your body.  Your liver will detoxify chemical and metabolize drugs. Your liver will also make proteins for clotting blood.  Some sign your liver may not be working well are yellow or jaundice to your skin and eyes, abdominal pain or swelling, itchy skin, swelling of your legs and ankles, dark urine, pale stool, lethargy, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and bruising easily. Herbs used for colon detoxification include Dandelion root and leaf, Burdock root, Turmeric, Ginger, and Goldenseal.

  4. Lungs-Your respiratory system moves in air and oxygen is distributed to your cells (inspiration).  Then, they removes toxins, waste, and gasses (expiration). Herbs used for colon detoxification include Astragalus and Ashwagandha.

  5. Lymph-Often the forgotten system.  The lymph system is part of your immune system.  It protects your body from infection, keeps your fluid levels normal, absorbs fats from your gastrointestinal tract, and removes cellular waste. Herbs used for colon detoxification include Burdock root, Calendula flowers, Cleavers, and Echinacea root.

  6. Skin- Protects your organs and other systems from the environment.  It keeps fluid in your body, may protect against diseases, regulates your body temperature, and eliminates waste products.  Herbs used for colon detoxification include Aloe leaf, Juniper, and Ginger.




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